Monday, September 1, 2014


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Today is a historical day of Indian stock market,NIFTY CROSS 8000 MARK and closed above magical mark. Important think is how much retail investors made money in this rally?, answer is negligible. Ok now comes topics if investors sitting side ways with cash they're don't  loose anything, bull market just started, now stock selection is important, now I am giving such wonderful long term story company.

  DAYNEMIC PRODUCTS LTD,  started 1990 in Gujarat, 11.33cr equity, promotor holding 42.7%, company giving 15% divided regularly,with market cap of 59.98 with more then two times sales and 10% profit of market cap. Estimated EPs of above 15 in 2014-2015,npm 9%,opm 16.5%.

 company  is leading global manufacturers & distributors of food copies and blended copies & US-FDA certified  FD&C dyes.

Company having 50000 sq my of well equipment INTERNATIONAL REQUIREMENTS  HACCP (HAZARDOUS ANALYTICAL  CRITICAL CONTROL POINT) & ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing plants.

 Now booming of specialty chemical industry this company trading low PE to pair group trading 15 petrade . Stock trading only BSE @60 one can buy current price.

Details of company HERE

Conclude: one can invest in this share for long term basis for safe bet.

DISCLOSE :- Me and my circle holding and interested in counter, BEFORE BUY CHECK WITH CERTIFIED ANALYSTS. 

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