Friday, September 19, 2014



  After new NDA government power in India our stock market zoomed to kiss 8200 level,but ask anyone to how much profits made in this rally? Some one brought before may and hold tight they made really good money, lot of peoples are buying stocks for long term basis but stock come down marginally they book losses and look in to some other shares. This is real problem in investors, don't invest in committed money to stocks for quick gain, do you have excess money keeping in your bank savings account for idle those money give a good return in your portfolio. Today's stock pick was "PANAMA PETROCHEM"(524820).

  PANAMA PETROCHEM is a one of the india's leading manufacturers and exporters in petroleum specialty products. Company produce more then 80 products variants vital for nearly six to seven industry segments. COMPANY COLLABORATION WITH "LUBCON" GERMANY  for distributing of their specialized products.
 Company's products great demand in industry like INK AND RESINS,TEXTILES,RUBBER,PHARMACEUTICAL AND POWER CABLE and other  different industries. MORE DETAILS OF COMPANY CLICK BELLOW LINK
  Promoter holding 47.18%  of total 8cr equity, company announced 176cr sales with 5cr net profit on latest quarter, is expected EPs around 20 in 2014-15 because of global crude oil price softening.

 TODAY COMPANY SHARES SPLIT TO RS 2 FROM RS 10, Now trading around 58 levels one can buy for medium to long term horizon for expected stock move to past 3 digits mark. It is low risk high return stock.

Disclosure:-  I am interested to buy this stock for medium term.

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