Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Dear blog readers,
   Now a days global  comodity prices are coming  down sharply,crude oil Indian basket bellow 99$ per natal, like rubber is coming down sharply to 126 rs from 225rs per kg in Indian market it may settle around these levels while. It is huge benefits rubber related sector like tyre,thread,belts manufacturing company.
Today I am giving such a stock bulls untouched earlier but huge upsides may happen in coming days.
RUBFILA INTERNATIONAL LTD, is a Kerala based. Company promoted by RUBPRO.SDN.BHD(RSB) MALAYSIA along. With Kerala state industrial corporation ( KSIDC).
Promoter holding 65.71% (foreign 33.14) rest of promoter is well known investors JAYANT LAL PATEL he own several multibager stocks like ALEMBIC LTD,ALPHAGEO,ASIAN TILES,ASTEC,ATUL,RAYMOND,CENTUM lots more.
Rubfila is a rubber thread manufacturing company, in heat resistance latex thread category market leader in indiaand leader.of exporter in this products it also manufacturing rubber thread, silicon coated rubber thread,food grade rubber thread  and furniture grade rubber thread,it is used for hosiery applications, elastic tapers mainly for garments,footwear and medical netting etc is main customers.
 Now rubber price coming down is huge positive for this company it's topline as well as botam line improving much faster. Now company announced latest quarter result  sales 42cr, np 2.91 annual basis it should improve much more after rubber prices down recently.
Rubber raw material used compay shining in stock market this time rubfilla is really not catches much but it should catch in coming days. Stock trading bse at 36rs my target it cross 100mark in one year horizon. It is good for low risk taker investors can buy at current prices and average if it's come down.

 Check before buying certified analysist.

Disclosure:-I am invested and interested in this company shares.


  1. i have bought 100 shares at 38.thanks for ur work and spirit.sir,how can i get ur old postings

    1. My all posts are in

  2. thanks for reco...debt free...fundamentally strong stock...

  3. sir, i am getting recent recomns only.what about previous posts in 2011,12,13.can i get them?

  4. Hi Sir, Thanks for your suggestion. I am looking for some good profitable shares for both long term n short term.

    I am new to stocks.. could you pls suggest me the best way to identify good stocks. Thanks in advance.

  5. Sir,

    Can this be bought at current level?