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Today we are discussing different sector stock normally this category stocks not favourite for investors but this stock really future blue chip stock for this bull market.

Macmillan to ADI

Macmillan is a large, UK-based publishing company founded in 1843 that came to India over 100 years ago, in 1892. Macmillan India started off as a purely domestic publishing business and soon became synonymous with quality educational books. Over the course of its century in India, Macmillan published some of India’s greatest authors, including Rabindranath Tagore; addressed the needs of local language educational publishing; and published popular modern writing, including Shiv Khera’s best-selling "You Can Win."
In 1976, Harold Macmillan, the former British prime minister, inaugurated the company’s new publishing services division in Bangalore. This division, for a long time referred to as the “Information Processing Division,” offered high-quality editorial and production services to international book and journal publishers. With the growth of the Internet as a medium of content consumption, in 2004, the company began to address the high-end technology and digital-publishing needs of publishers through a wholly-owned subsidiary, MPS Technologies.
In a rapidly changing market environment that offered enormous opportunities for growth, there was a need to put in place a new strategy that would enable each aspect of the business to realize its maximum potential. The company underwent a demerger process to form MPS Ltd and Macmillan Publishers India Ltd. The former focuses on the publishing technology and services business and the latter on domestic publishing activities.
ADI BPO has now purchased Macmillan's stake in MPS and has management control of the com

In today’s digital world, content is becoming ever more sophisticated and increasingly inseparable from technology. MPS Limited, a publishing services company with over 42 years of relevant experience with major publishers worldwide, helps you navigate this new market with high-quality solutions designed to transform and enrich your content for print, online and mobile media. We handle everything from the production of your book, journal, or magazine
right through to subscription management and BPO services. Our expertise spans digital publishing, interactive learning and multimedia, and creative design.
Our deep engagement with the world's largest publishing groups gives us a sound understanding of evolving market conditions and ensures that we remain current with industry trends. We’ve developed a suite of technology solutions designed to introduce efficiencies into the production workflow and help you cut costs.
A technology-driven approach also enables us to help you make the digital transition. Publishers and corporate entities looking to shape their digital strategies turn to MPS to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by digital media, from eBooks to eLearning.
Our focus on innovation and creativity means that we not only improve your processes; we also enrich your content, thereby increasing its value.
MPS operates globally through its offices in North America, Europe, and India. Our 2,500 employees work to deliver flawless products and services to our clients worldwide.
We offer you a range of truly end-to-end publishing solutions across five main areas.


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Details of company click link
    Promoter  holding 75% stake in company total equity is 16.82cr, company posted 45cr sales with 16cr net profit in latest quarter and 120% dividend paid. Expected EPS in 2014-15 full year around 40 per share.
  MPS LTD trading both NSE &BSE   @610 price one can buy with 2 year view stock can pass 4 digit mark, and buy further stock correct from these level.
Disclosure :- I am interested this company shares.

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