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    Today we are discussing stock from Pharmaceuticals space, one can hold for long term it will be give  multiple return in portfolio.

                "NATURAL CAPSULES LTD"

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 Natural Capsules Limited(NCL'S) is a Public Limited Company established in the year 1993 at Bangalore and in the year 2003 at Pondicherry. Natural Capsules Limited is a well-equipped modern manufacturing plant to manufacture Hard Gelatin Capsule shells, Hard Cellulose Capsule shells and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms in Capsule Dosage Form.

 The main objective of the company is to manufacture and market Hard Gelatin Capsule shells and Hard Cellulose Capsule Shells (both printed and unprinted). These capsules are sold in domestic and also exported to several countries. The logical integration of NCL hard shell manufacturing to formulation was initiated in the year 1998

 The company is also engaged in formulating the pharmaceutical dosage forms in Capsule dosage form, both Pharma and Neutraceutical Products. The company is fully committed to upgrade its facilities on a continuous basis to meet the requirements of National and International Standards, cGMP and cGLP practices. Natural Capsule has been serving the pharmaceutical industry over a decade, comprising of two units – one at Bangalore and other at Pondicherry.


 The Pharmaceutical and Dietary supplement industries count on Natural Capsules to supply hard two-piece Gelatin and Cellulose capsules. With manufacturing sites at Bangalore and Pondicherry, we are serving customers on quick service no matter where they are located. For the past 12 years, with the greatest respect to the Customers, Natural Capsules has dedicated itself to the production of the highest quality capsules.


Natural Capsules is committed to :

 *    Be the Global Leader for supply of Cellulose Capsules (HPMC : non-animal alternative)

*    Providing superior Quality two-piece hard Gelatin Capsules

*    Be the Best Service provider to the Customers all around

*    Invest in Research and Development of new capsule technologies and application

NCL’s constant endeavors to research & most customer specific requirement has resulted in manufacture of a wide range of capsules. The Cellulose capsules and newly introduced variants form a part of NCl’s niche products.NCL’s facility of dedicated manufacturing lines adopt stringent procedures to manufacture Hard Gelatin Capsules. Each of this manufacturing line is housed as an independent unit to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. 



Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells /Hard Cellulose Capsule Shells / BSE / TSE Free Gelatin Capsule Shells / Shiny Gelatin Capsule Shells / SLS Free Gelatin Capsule Shells /Fast Release Gelatin Capsule Shells /Printed Gelatin / Cellulose Capsule Shells / Sweet Gelatin Capsule Shells /Halal Certified Gelatin Capsule Shells /



Contract Manufacturing

 Company  manufacturing plants in Attibele and Pondichery are of the highest International standards and cater to regulated markets like, Europe & U.S.

NCL'S invite proposals for Contract Manufacturing for European and US Markets.Natural's strength lies in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for finished dosage forms, viz., Tablets, Capsules.

The Both plant is spread over an area of 15300 sq. mt. with a built up area of 6000 sq. mt. The plant has been built as per MHRA guidelines and manufactures Tablets. Currently, this plant manufactures dosage forms for the Indian market. Our plants at Attibele Plant cater to the Indian and lesser Regulated markets.

 Promoter holding 47.22 % of 5cr paid up equity capital. Company posted 33CR top line and 3cr bottom line an EPS of 6 in latest half year ended sept 2014. Company regularly dividend paying around 15% in last 5 years.

 Stock trading only in BSE @82 one can buy and hold for one to two year this stock will be a multi bagger.


Details of company HERE


Disclosure :- It is safe to assume that , I have vested interest in it as a share holder.












  1. Sir, Excellent pick of the scrip after Snowman Logistics, Seeing the new policy on drugs by NIA to PMO today because of chinese mega manufacturing of cheap pharma raw material that is 15% cheaper than cost of production in India.We are preparing a policy. Sir, I would also bring to notice to more companies that AVT Naturals and Kopran Ltd. in the same field. Sir, I may request you to please also post the scrip either after 9.15 am or at day time. Beacuse 15.25 is not possible to buy .This is a gentle request if feasible to you.Thanks

    1. Avt and kopran I am not tracked,in future stock discussing before market opening or before 3pm in trading days.

  2. Hello Sir, Again this is T segment share, very risky, its either upper circuit or down ciruit because of it market cap.Though industry chosen is defensive one but it is currently overvalued. Why not Avt naturals that in natural formulation of capsules .A very unique model in its kind. Another B segment share that is Pochiraju industries ltd. Another diversified group in pharma sector.

    1. In T group stocks good for delivery picking (minimum speculation in T group) T group stock only for delivery no day trading. Natural capsules good fundamental stock and trading lower PE to compare it's peer group,i think this stock give good return in this bull phase,other stock you mentioned i am not tracked