Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Dear friends,

      Today we are discussing stock from moulded plastics products manufacturing company listed NSE & BSE since  1992, but this stock untouched bulls in any bull market.
Now  time for the investors look into this stock for their high risk high gain portfolio for this bull market.

PEACOCK INDUSTRIES LIMITED (PIL) is an ISO-9001:2008 accredited company by International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. which is accredited by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. It is engaged in the manufacturing of plastic moulded furniture. Its products are also CE certified. It has a diversified product mix of plastic chairs, tables, trolley, sun lounger, and house wares sold under the brand name ITALICA. It has a wide range of injection moulding machines (both indigenous and imported) and has many moulds/dyes to manufacture plastic moulded furniture i.e. Arm Chair, Without Arm Chair, Baby Chair, Tables, Patla, Stool, Trolley and Sun lounger etc.

hese products are used in households, offices, hotels and restaurants, classrooms, exhibitions and conferences, stadiums etc.

Italica Furniture also manufactures durable and comfortable outdoor plastic furniture which can be used at various outdoor venues like gardens, swimming pools and beaches.

The company has its manufacturing facility in Udaipur, Rajasthan.MORE COMPANY DETAILS CLICK

   Promoter holdind 68.08% of 21cr paid up equity, company posted 36cr sales and net orofit of 14cr in last financial year. Stock trading NSE and BSE @ 24.50 ,One can buy this stock for high risk high return portfolio for long term.
Disclosure :- It is safe to assume that i have vested interest in this stock& investment.


  1. I bough this shares in BSE based on youre suggestion.Is it like if i buy in BSE then i will find difficult to sell ? .Sorry iam a newbie and want to get hands on experience.

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  3. sir, kindly share your views on umang diaries and haryana leather chemicals for long term investment. thanks in advance.

    1. I am not tracked above two queries stocks