Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear friends,

We are discussed ATLAS JEWELLERS (AJIL) on  September 2014, @ 85 now stock trading @ 171.65. One more stock ORIENT BEVERAGES LTD  discussed @ 65 level ,three month back  now  stock trading @ 201, both stocks trading their life time high prices.


  1. hi sir then how can we see your recommendation..plz sir do it some other way....we are all following you..

  2. sir,
    orient beverages still buy at 201 ?

  3. Sir, Good morning. How are you ?
    Sir as you have mentioned you will not be posting any thing new and answer our comments, Is there any other way to get your feedback...
    I am planning to invest in one of your earlier pick.... Neo corp International. Sir shall I buy now ? will it make further growth... what is your prediction for the coming 2 years.

  4. Hai sir
    Wat u suggest on Atlas jewellery cmp 28