Tuesday, July 21, 2015


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 Today we are looking in to chemical/textile sector stock for worth long term investment.







Black Rose Industries Ltd. was established in 1990 as Asia Fab Limited, a textile manufacturing company. Now, Black Rose consists of three main divisions – chemicals, acrylamide, and textiles. The chemical division is engaged in the import, distribution, and export of a wide range of specialty and performance chemicals. The acrylamide division operates India's first and only acrylamide manufacturing plant. The textile division manufactures fabrics and made-ups for industrial applications. The company also has a fully owned subsidiary in Japan, B.R. Chemicals Co., Ltd., Japan.

At Black Rose, we believe in dealing with situations by following the 2,400 year old Greek quote by Euripides - "leave no stone unturned”. We don’t rely on promises unless we understand how they would be fulfilled. And we study our path carefully before we start any journey to prepare ourselves for the bumps and blocks along the way. This approach to business has helped us become a leading provider of solutions to our clients and principals.

Black Rose has its head office in Mumbai, manufacturing units in Jhagadia (Gujarat) and Kolhapur (Maharastra), warehouses in Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), Vapi (Gujarat), and Chennai (Tamil Nadu), and a liaison office in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh).






 Black rose produce and supply acrylamide solution under the brand name BRILMIDE® at South Asia’s first and only acrylamide plant set up using a bio-catalytic technology exclusively licensed from Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., of Japan. The 10,000MT plant is located in the industrial estatate of Jhagadia, Gujarat and runs on a DCS-operated continuous process. Since starting of commerical operations in September 2013, the company has been increasing it sales and production to meet the ever growing demand of users in India and overseas.




 Black rose have been continuiing our textile production since inception and today are also producing cotton and synthetic made-ups for industrial applications. Black rose  products are sold domestically and exported to Japan and are popular among automotive companies.



Black rose have two windmills operating in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The renewable energy we generate helps to reduce  carbon footprint.


   Promoter holding 75% of equity capital, company posted top line 147cr with profit of 0.55cr , Now chemical and textile sectors are under re raring going on in India this one stock may give good return in long term portfolio. Stock trading only BSE @ 22 levels on can buy @ current price and add more in correction it may pass 3digit mark in future.


  Before buy investors take  advice from certified persons.


 Disclaimer: It is safe to assume that I may have some vested interests in the stock.



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