Saturday, July 25, 2015


Why Success Always Starts with Failure

Or Why Success is Never Ending and Failure is Never Final


It is not surprising that Edison has 1,903 patents to his name. His success could not have been as sweet and history changing if he had not failed several times before.

Failure plays an important role in the journey to success. We should understand that failure is not a deterrent, but rather a stepping stone to success.

Ponder over this. When building a core elite team for the Australian Army, failure is a necessary quality. The Army goes through the track record of each candidate and if one has never failed, they don’t pick that person. They say, if a man does not encounter failure in any of the assignments he will not know what to do. They will pick a candidate who has failed and bounced back.

All of us have the inherent ability to bounce back. And achieve our dreams. Never underestimate your own abilities.

Success when viewed with a positive mental attitude is a process, a journey ― not a destination, says Robert Scholler. Start today by exploring your own road to success.

Start by recognizing, analyzing, visualizing, mobilizing and energizing your possibilities. Weed out the impossibilities with Schuller’s series of checklists, eliminate the negatives and see your possibilities turn into positives.

As they say, success is not built on success. It’s built on frustation. Learn from the negatives.

Say goodbye to failure. Say hello to success.

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