Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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     Today we are looking in to Plastic Products manufacturing sector stock for medium to long term investments,



               India's Largest Food Service Disposables      Manufacturer





Biopac India Corporation Limited pioneered the manufacture of disposable dinnerware in India. Today it is the market leader and the largest manufacturer of food grade polystyrene foam dinnerware and food service products in India. Its world-class products are backed by intensive research and manufactured at its state of the art manufacturing facilities near Mumbai.

Over the years, Biopac has expanded its product segments beyond disposable dinnerware to include kitchen foil, foil containers and polystyrene foam boards. And it has been consistently ranked the market leader in each segment. 


     The Company’s main business is “Food Service Disposables”. "Biopac" is  continues to  be   market leader in India.

      During the year Company has successfully completed erection of new project for manufacturing of Food storage container at its factory situated at Silvassa. The commercial production of these new products commenced on April 2015.


     These Food Storage Container are manufactured in India for the first time,through unique process of thermoforming , which gives the company ability to do mass production at extremely low cost.





     Disposable Dinnerware


      Food-Storage Containers


All Biopac products are made from materials approved by FDA as suitable for food contact purposes.


     Promoter holding 49.65% stake in company, Biopac posted 0.66 cr bottom line and 26.5 cr top line for latest half year ended 2015, (last full year company posted 0.88 cr bottom line ) .Global commodity price falling is a positive for this stock . BIOPAC is  trading only in BSE @ 17.70 level, some risk taker  investor can buy @ current price  and hold medium to long term portfolio.This one stock can give good return in investors portfolio.


   Before buy a stock take advice from certified person


     Disclosure :- I am holding this company's shares.


  1. Sir thanks for new pick. Ur view and take on sanjivani parental and ashapura intimate fashion. Thanks

    1. I am not tracked sanjivani, ashapura intimate good stock for long term.

  2. Sir,thank you for this.Your last pick Vijay shanti build rocked in first day itself.Hope this also will do some fireworks

  3. Thank you sir, seems that lot of potential and good bet for long term..
    See, mustkalander etc.. hotels are using this packet for home delivery.. we can esaily say it is a 10 bagger :)