Monday, December 7, 2015


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 Today we are looking in to interesting stock for portfolio investors 

                                                   "  EMMBI INDUSTRIES LTD "


Incorporated in 1994, Emmbi Polyarns Limited is engaged in the manufacture and sale of FIBC (Jumbo Bags) and Woven Sacks and various woven polymer based products like Container Liners, Protective irrigation system, Canal Liners, Flexi Tanks, Car covers etc. Emmbi Polyarns is one of the well established brands in the field of woven polyethylene and polypropylene product manufacturing industry. Company's manufacturing facility is located at Silvassa.

Emmbi specialize in high strength, low GSM FIBC with high safety factor. Emmbi Polyarns is among the first few global manufacturers to offer Jumbo Bags (FIBCs) with 130 GSM Bags, 5:1 Safety factor for 1000 KG Safe Working Load and 160 GSM Bags, 6:1 Safety Factor for 1500 KG Safe Working Load. Company's Extrusion machinery is capable of producing tapes with very high linear tenacity. Emmbi produce FIBCs of U+2 panel, Circular Jumbo bags, Baffle bags, All panel bags, Conductive FIBC and Static dissipative FIBCs.

In addition to FIBC they manufacture various woven polypropylene products including Small bags, Box woven bags, Roofing underlayment fabric, Courier bags, Ground covers, Silt fence and Geotextiles. They offer woven bags and fabrics in both PP and HDPE. Emmbi Polyarns products are UV stabilized and pre-conditioned against shrinkage.
Emmbi Polyarns products are mainly used in packaging, infrastructure, housing, disaster management and Hazardous waste disposal industry. Main products are:

�flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)
� Technical Textile
� Flexible Tanks
� Woven Sacks
� Car Covers
� Container Liners: Bulk Cargo Handling Systems.
� Anti Corrosive Packaging

   Promoter holding 57.39% stake, company posted 98.50 cr top line and 4.36 cr bottom line in latest half year results ( last year total profit was 5.96 cr ) 10 cr expected net profit this year with an EPS  around 7. Stock trading both NSE and BSE @ 91.80 level, long term investor can buy @ current price and buy more in correction (if any ) this one stock can give multiple return in their portfolio.Before buying a stock take advice from certified persons.

Company web HERE

  Disclosure :- I am holding "EMMBI" company shares


  1. It has run up quite a lot in recent times do u think it Still has value...Just a query

  2. Why is Tanfac going down day by day?
    EMMBI will also go on same track as Tanfac

    1. Tanfac come out with poor set of numbers, so stock corrected, Emmbi is posted good set of numbers stock should catch up

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