Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Dear friends,

    Early 2016 is not a good year for stock market but i believe second half will be good for investor, who picked stocks early part of 2016. Now come to new stock, this stock is only for high risk taker and long term investor.


Vidli Restaurant Limited, a Mumbai based Company, is a part of Kamat Group.  Company was established in 2007 and started its business operations from November 2013 for undertaking activities in hospitality vertical.

  Vidli Restaurant operates chain of restaurants serving hygienic standardized food items in a quick serve format at various outlets on national highways, state highways and cities. Currently, VIDLI  has more than 39 operating restaurants in western India having presences on major highways. . Hygiene, quality and customer satisfaction are core concepts.

     Over the years Group has been instrumental in launch of successful hospitality verticals and Restaurants Brand “Vithal Kamats Original Family Restaurants” and “Kamats Original Family Restaurants”.

The Restaurant  started its operations in November 2013. Since then, the company started expanding its restaurant chain and concentrated on standardising its products and services through centralised purchasing and training system. As of today, there are more than 39 operational restaurants in the company. Over the years, Kamat Group has emerged as a symbol of quality, originality and truth, which has in turn nurtured trust among people for VIDLI'S services. Hence  group has earned the tag line “AchhaHaiSachhaHai”.

Vidli Restaurant  largely targets affordable segment of the market through company's outlets. Presently, Restaurant are categorised into family dining, khaojao andkamat’s cornermodel:


      Vidli is entered capital market in February this year an IPO of 1310000 equity shares @ 10 rs. VIDLI RESTAURANTS IPO OVER SUBSCRIBED 7 TIME. Company generated revenue of 48.2 lakhs for the year end of march 2014 and 259 lakhs year ended march 2015.Company posted 4.42 lakhs profits for march 2014 and 6.89 lakhs for the year ended march 2015, fy2015 EPS was 4.2. Latest Septmeber 2015 6 month ended company posted 192 lakhs revenue and 25.35 lakhs net profit . 


      Stock trading only in  BSE SME SEGMENTS @ 19.20,(market lot 10000) high risk taler investors can buy @ current price and hold for medium to long term for good return.


    Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.


Disclosure :- I am holding Vidli restaurants shares in my portfolio.


  1. Hi sir ! Thanks for sharing Vidli rest. reco.

    I want to purchase the scrip but do not know how to buy the scrips listed on BSE SME platform. I have on-line trading account with ICICI-Direct. Can you please guide sir ??

  2. Good fundamental information has posted this blog for VIDLI RESTAURANT LTD.thanks for sharing..