Thursday, June 9, 2016


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    Today we are discussing stock from Hotel sector ,long term investor can buy this stock for good return,now this sector stocks are doing good in stock markets,


                 (CCHHL )





Established in 1989, the Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Limited (CCHHL) is a pioneer in the concept of offering 360° leisure hospitality membership services in India. A full range of Country Club speciality services include member exclusive clubbing hubs, splendid holiday destinations, trendy fitness centers and star-studded entertainment events.

The Country Club has over 50 ownership clubs, resorts and hotels in India, Middle East, Bangkok and Sri Lanka. Also, It offers over 25 member exclusive fitness centers and over 4000 holiday exchange associates and Country Vacations global hospitality associates. The massive network consists of social clubs in urban hotspots, city-centric luxurious hotels, serene wellness rejuvenation hubs, beachfront resorts, hilltop vacation homes, wildlife jungle lodges and water amusement parks.

Dubbed as the Powerhouse of Entertainment, The Country Club celebrates several global festivals by inviting leading movie stars including the likes of Sharukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Mika Singh, Honey Singh, Govinda, Usha Uthup and Yana Gupta etc to perform exclusively for its members. Also, the network frequently organizes various family amusement events including Live Musical Nights, Food Festivals, Magic Shows and Tambola.

To provide round-the-clock seamless member services, the Country Club offers exclusive Mobile App and a web portal to address real-time holiday reservation, payment transfer, customer grievance and membership data updating facilities.

As part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, the Country Club supports several key CSR initiatives including schooling of underprovided children, environmental sustainability projects, community health aid and social wellbeing missions.


   Promoter holding 73.80% stake in company, CCHHL posted 523 cr topline and 26 cr bottom line in consolidated basis in 2015-17 year. Book value of 43 stock trading just 0.3 times book value, recently hotel sector stocks are buzzing in stock market investor can buy this stock @ current price for good return.Stock trading both NSE and BSE @ 13 level.



Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.


Disclosure :- I am holding this shares.


  1. Sir wats ur view on yash paper,dq entertainment, spel semiconductor, nila infra,ashima,parentral drug...thank u

  2. Sir plz share ur view on yash paper dq entertain ,spel semiconductor,nila infra,parentral drug,ashima,digjam..plz help me in lot loss..thx

    1. Tracked only spell semiconductor recommended lower price and booked above 100%, no fresh view now.

  3. Sir,holding cchl at 14.5 since long time wats ur target or time horizon recommended...thx

  4. It looks like wonderful suggestion :) But we need to wait minimum three months to double

  5. The story of Country Club looks very interesting.

  6. Very good & precise info about the stock - CCHHL.