Monday, July 4, 2016


Dear friends,

    Today we are looking into  one interesting for portfolio investor,


               COSMO FERRITES LTD

Mr. Ashok Jaipura, a visionary, veteran Industrialist of India, kept the founding stone of Cosmo Group. Cosmo group is known in every corner of world for its world class product, state of art & patented production technology & commitment towards its customer satisfaction.

In 1981  first founding stone of Cosmo Films marked the beginning of Cosmo Group. Cosmo Film is a pioneer of BOPP manufacturing in India. Later, in year 1986 second member of Cosmo Group - Cosmo Ferrites founding stone was kept, adding another golden feather in Cosmo Group. Cosmo Ferrites is also a pioneer of Soft Ferrites manufacturer in India.


 Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.,one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Soft Ferrites, was established in 1986 with its state of art manufacturing facility in the foothills of Himalaya. Since Inception Cosmo has maintained product and Quality leadership in both the Domestic and Export segments. With a belief of constant growth and innovations,we upgraded our production capacity from 500 MT to 3600 MT over the time and consequently are ranked #1in India in terms of capacity. .Major applications of ferrites are inverter transformers, current transformers, fly-back transformers, driver transformers, pulse transformers, line filters, choke, noise suppressors etc.


   Promoter holding 63.50% stake in company, cosmo ferrites posted turnaround results in last financial year ,company posted 60.5 cr top line and 0.05 cr bottom line (last year top line 55 cr and bottom line loss of 1.68 cr ). Governments new growth path is more hope full  in this sector in coming quarters. Little risk taker investor can buy this stock @ current price and add more in correction (if any) hold for short to medium term portfolio. Stock is trading only in BSE @ 19.50 level.

  Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

Disclosure :- I am holding this stock in my portfolio.





  1. Cosmo Ferrites is not included in your Half yearly tracker report.

  2. Cosmo Ferrites is in loss, do u still recommend to hold and sell at loss ? whats your view now on Cosmo Ferrites ? Pls advise...