Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dear friends,

  Today we are looking into one more textile sector stock for long term investments,



Filatex India Limited was incorporated as a public limited company on 8th August 1990 and received its certificate of commencement of business on 5th September 1990.

The Company is involved in manufacturing of various varieties of synthetic manmade fibres and is considered as pioneers in manufacturing of Mono filament yarn in Indian market.


  Fil  has also diversified itself into Special Polyester Filament Yarns like Micro Denier Polyester Filament Yarn and in 2008 FIL started manufacturing Polyester Fully Drawn yarn using modern machines from Barmag, Germany.

FIL has also added colored polyester yarn to its kitty of products. In year 2008, FIL started producing Polyester Fully Drawn yarn using latest machines from Barmag, Germany.


 FIL manufactures Specialty Polyester Filament Yarns, which have a high value addition as compared to the normal denier synthetic yarns. One of the Specialty Yarns, which FIL manufactures is Micro Denier Polyester Filament Yarns (MDPFY). MDPFY is an import substitute and its demand is growing at a very rapid pace because of its inherent strengths. 

FIL also diversified their manufacturing of Semi-dull to Dope Dyed yarn with a view of its wide use and higher contribution. About 70 shades are in their range of production. 


The company has its own marketing offices at all the major market areas viz. Delhi, Mumbai and Surat. While, the major customers and exports are directly handled by the company’s marketing offices, small customers are catered through a net work of dealers spread throughout the country. All these marketing offices are headed by well qualified marketing personnel having rich experience in the Industry.


 Newly commissioned yarn plant boosted company's overall performance, Promoter holding 62.58% stake, comapny posted stellar set of results in last quarter and management more confident to post even better results coming quarters. 1300 cr top line with 27 cr bottam line  company is trading  just 244 cr market cap, Filatex have 62 book value, This sector is trading around 15 pe but this stock available just 9.5 pe !!!.

  Stock trading both NSE and BSE @ 76.50 level , long term investor can buy this gem @ current price and hold in portfolio i strongly believe  this is one stock will give multiple return in portfolio.

Before buying any stock take advice from certified person

Disclosure :- I am holding this stock.



  1. I had Filatex which I hadd bought in 2007 or so and for 10 years it yielded zero returns and finally in Jan this year I sold it at 45 at a loss. Very difficult to believe it will be a multibagger.

    1. Dear anonymous,
      In stock market future growth and earning important, past what happens is just history.

  2. sir today entered in Olympia ind. Hope to seegood growth.

    1. Dear Snehal,
      Not tracked above stock,don't analysis any stock after brought,do homework before buying any stock .

  3. Is Filatex will be better than Arrowtex ?. thanks for your reply.

  4. Debt looks to be a concern for this stock to be a multibagger. Any comment on debt to reserves available?

  5. Can u pls also advise if there are plans they have to reduce their debt?

  6. could you please let us how is filatex result for this qtr. they released ittoday