Monday, October 3, 2016


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 Today we are looking in to Plastic Products sector stock for medium to long term investments,




FIBERWEB (INDIA) LTD., was established in 1985. Apart from manufacturing and exporting Garbage bags and Carrier bags, the Company has also established its flagship unit for Spun Bond Nonwoven Fabrics, being the first of its kind in India.


   Apart from the above, the Company also holds authorization/accreditation conforming to Oeko-Tex standards from Hohenstein Textile Institute, Germany


  Nonwoven Unit (100% EOU) :- This unit is set up for manufacture of Non Woven Spun Bonded Polypropylene Fabric with the state of art REICOFIL II DOUBLE BEAM plant supplied by the renowned as No.1 manufacturer REIFENHAUSER Gmbh of Troisdorf, Germany. This fabric has diverse applications.

Hygiene usage – cover stock for baby diapers, sanitary products, etc.Agricultural usage – crop covers, ground covers, etc. Medical usage – medical made ups, bed linen, etc., and other applications like filtration medium, industrial work clothing, head covers, disposable table wipes and mats, etc. to name a few.

About 75% of the products of the Company is exported to countries like U.S.A., U.K., EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA AND GULF countries. In agricultural field Company’s products command premium. In India Company supplies to Multinational Companies Johnson & Johnson India Ltd. and Unicharm India Ltd.

The main Raw Material Polypropylene is imported from world class renowned producer Exxonmobil Co. U.S.A.


In last one year onwards company coming with impressive top and bottom line , recently company won big export order from USA (181 mill) and today company announced Company's Facilities as per FDA Standard.. This is more good news for Fiber web in future they get more orders from USA.

Promoter holding 55.51 % stake in company , Fiber web posted 13.2 cr top line and 2.32 cr bottom line in June 2016 quarters. Looking forward good order book and available raw material in cheep price ( more then 40 % low ) is may reflected results in coming quarters, so investor may buy this stock @ current price and hold medium to long term. Stock trading only in BSE @ 115 level.

Before buying any stock take advice from certified  person.

Disclosure :- I am holding this stocks .



  1. Thank you for sharing such a valuable information as in market for a trader and investor both required to be aware about the fundamentals of different sectors as well a particular share. Equity tips

  2. In screener, the reserves n aur plus is negative. Can u pls throw some light on it.

    1. In this stock don't look past , concentrate in future, management very bullish in business going forward.

    2. In this stock don't look past , concentrate in future, management very bullish in business going forward.

  3. Dear sir, your recommended stock Sspdl ltd. is on upmoves & may soon cross 130++

  4. could any one tell about the expansion plan of the company in FY18 where the management is buying two new machines, how the management is going to fund this amount, I mean are they going for debts or they will purchase through internal accruals.

  5. 80% export to USA only , 72% they export ,means they highly dependent on USA, after Trump selection better to wait before new investment and hold if already invested