Friday, January 20, 2017


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  Today we are discussing one stock from Containers & Packaging segment for medium to long term investments.


                           HALDYN GLASS LTD


   Haldyn Glass Limited (HGL) (Formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited) incorporated in 1991, promoted by Haldyn Corporation Limited (Formerly known as Haldyn Glass Limited) in the state of Gujarat, India. Haldyn Corporation Limited is a closely held company engaged in manufacture of Soda Lime Flint & Amber Glass containers since 1964,currently has total melting capacity 320 tons per day comprising of two Glass Melting Furnaces (220 + 100 tons per day capacity) and 10 I.S. machines which gives us leverage over the competition in manufacturing a very wide range of containers from 10 ml to 1000 ml. The I.S. machines are capable of producing 1.5 million high quality containers every day.


 Manufacturing of quality glass is ensured by proper glass conditioning with the aid of Automatic Temperature Control System for fore-hearths. Furnaces are built with high quality imported refractories, Electronic Furnace Control equipment including CC cameras imported from Europe which are installed inside the furnaces. I.S. machines are electronically controlled. CAD-CAM facility is used for designing and manufacturing of the moulds. In-house foundry helps in producing quality material for moulds. Containers manufactured by us go through various stages of stringent quality tests including Thermal Shock, Pressure and Stress Tests. Captive Power Generation Plant using clean fuel (natural gas) ensures uninterrupted power supply.


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Liquor manufacturing industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000 ml in various shapes and sizes for packaging Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Vodka and other liquor products. industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.Cosmetics industry use these clear bottles for packaging products like nail-polish, perfum- es, hair oil and toiletries that look vibrant in different colours industry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.


 Food and Beverages industry uses these bottles to package consumable products. The clear transperancy of the Bottles gives shelf appeal to the products ndustry use these bottles with capacities ranging from 60ml to 1000ml in various shapes.


Promoter holding 52.5 % stake in company, Haldyn posted 87 cr top line and 4.60 cr net profit in latest half year ended 2016-17 (last full year  profit was 6.60cr). Company growing good phase and expected net profit above 9 cr in this full year is more encouraging. Investor can buy this stock @ current price and hold medium to long term it will may give good return in portfolio. This is low risk good return type stock, Haldyan  trading only in BSE @ 32.70 level.


The above is not a research report but information as available on public domain.

  Before buying any stock take advice from certified person.

  Disclosure :- I am holding this company shares .


  1. Sir your views on UV Board. Not showing any movement ... Let us know if need to book loss and invest in this packaging stock

    1. All stocks we discussed in this blogs for medium to long term investors only, not for traders.

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    Your views on Cybermate and Bhartiya global cybermate has reduced the capital and they cleanup their books and it has lot of subsidaries across world and Bglobal has performing well and hit new high. ur adivce pls

  3. Now a days when every glass bottle is replaced by a plastic bottle, how would they grow exponentially?

    1. Every glass bottles cannot be replaced with plastic, this is mainly due to chemical reactions happening with food & pharma products. New study says that most of the pharma & food products are more stable in glass bottles rather than in plastics.

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  8. Ji,can buy UV boards at cMP of 23.85 uc yesterday.



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    Ur fresh view on srhhypo ltd. pls

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