Saturday, March 17, 2018

HAPPY UGADI 2018....

 Dear friends,




  1. Kindly share your view on sarveshwar foods Regards:- Sanju mehta

    1. Sarveshwara foods founded 1859, Company doing branded and no branded basmati rice supplyer for domastic and international markets,Promoters have huge experience in field.

      Positive:- Company expansion business India as well as USA.

      Negative :- debit equity ratio above 2,so interst portion high and OPM low, but after IPO it will may come down..

      Financial summary:

      Total Income for 2016-17 INR 207.60cr
      Net Profit for 2016-17 INR 11.57cr
      EPS for 2016-17 INR 7.16

      PE Ratio 10.40 (@ price 73)

      Peer Companies:

      LT Foods: current PE 20.52

      KRBL Current PE :34.79

      Chamanlal Sethia Current PE: 21.96

      So long term looks good @ current market price..

      This is not buy/sell recommendation.

  2. Dear sir.. I know RMC given 100% returns after your recommendation. but want to know you view based on their new developments. They are into Laminate and also into smart data loggers. Appreciate if you could take a look again sir?

  3. Sir,
    What is your view on Vama. I have purchased decent quantity after due diligence and study and it has been giving good results since last 2 qtrs also. But share price has fallen to 20 now.

    Is there any change of view of the rec from your side. Iam prepared to hold it for long term. My buy price is 28/-.

    1. Almost all mid and small cap stocks are trading 50℅ below it's peak,so not special in this..fundamental still strong, don't expect short time gain in any mid and small cap stocks.